Samstag, 15. April 2017

Ode to my Bullet Journal

Ode to my Bullet Journal

Oh bullet journal
I have seen you
on instagram and pinterest
you are so beautiful
I feel like
I need to have you in my life
You are not a calendar
nor are you
just an ordinary journal
so what the fuck 
are you?
a totally customizable organization system
that adepts to my needs
suggests a youtube video about you
I have watched it now for twenty minutes
it is still not finished
I could have had
at least one cup of tea in the meantime
the question arises
whether there will be time left
to do the tasks
that you are meant to be organizing

Oh bullet journal
I take out my notebook
which looks like any plain old journal
and go through the instructions for usage of you:
rapid logging
future log
da fuck!
migration, task bullet, Why Bullet Journal?
I do not know
I draw a line to get started
it is totally
to organize the month of April
April is the cruelest month
an hour has passed
and I am still drawing a few lines here and there in April
all crooked like the first one

Oh bullet journal
you have taught me so much
like that I am not able to draw a straight fucking line
with a ruler
and alongs dots that are already there
perhaps you are not for me
go forth
and spread the light of organization
to others
on instagram
and pinterest
and youtube?
Bye now
I will remain your secret admirer
from afar

Sonntag, 11. September 2016


I haven't had as much time to write as I maybe would have liked to because of having a baby and all that  but it is time! I have to face the fact that baby is 19 months old now.
So here are the things I did last night before I got my creativity going (flowing?):

  1. check Facebook
  2. resolve to leave ALL the earthmotherbreastfeedingsbabywearingregionalandinternationalslingmeeting groups on Facebook I ever entered
  3. refresh Facebook page
  4. there is going to be blue wine?
  5. check when blue wine is going to be sold in Europe
  6. note down date of when blue wine hits Europe on family calendar
  7. read Amanda's Palmer Guardian article about the new Nick Cave Film "One more time with feeling"
  8. Nick Cave's son died at 15??? 
  9. have major sob, must wrap my son in bubble wrap AT ALL TIMES and make him wear a helmet ALWAYS
  10. Google what exactly happened to Arthur Cave - how did I miss that?
  11. text bf who is out having a pint how I am not being productive but thinking about heading to bed shortly
  12. getting a spoon and the jar of Nutella from the kitchen (quietly)
  13. hear toddler baby squeak via babyphone
  14. running into bedroom to nurse toddlerbaby (he snoozes on)
  15. have 4 spoons of Nutella (jar empty)
  16. right. must get going now otherwise never will
  17. looking at clock - almost midnight 
  18. closing laptop and opening laptop-the-small (it is not connected to the wifi)
  19. write for probably even less than thirty minutes
Facebook is a dick. 

Sonntag, 2. März 2014


This morning, Juliane and I went for a leisurely stroll through the woods in Connewitz and up to Lauer See. Juliane did some birdwatching while I tried to capture the lovely spring feeling with my camera; we sat down for an extended chat by the lake and passed some wild boars on our way back, and morning turned into evening quite quickly over coffee and cigarettes in Juliane's shared flat.

Feinkost Flohmarkt

From last Thursday to Sunday my best buddy from home, Doreen, came to stay with me since she is going to move to Leipzig next month; luckily, she got a chance to meet some of my friends and also, on Saturday, we got to check out the first Feinkost Flohmarkt of the year.

Montag, 24. Februar 2014

Jools goes Berlin

I payed the capital a short visit for 6 days and I have to say and this is what I did...I stayed at my dad's friend Schubi's hostel, which was great because I had a room all to myself and got to hear some nice stories from Schubi himself, plus I went to see a gig with his blues band in Neukölln, which has become my favourite Kiez!
As much as I loved to see my Berlin friends though, Berlin is pretty stressful and I needed some time to figure out to get from A-Z -the main thing is to either stay away from the Ringbahn or go on it with a friend, otherwise one I ends up going in circles for ages...
I met up with Susi, who is an old friend that I met in Ireland when we cleaned up her host child's puke and other exciting things like that and she showed me the graveyard where Bertolt Brecht lies.
I got to see Julie, my lovely friend who I used to live with way back in the student accomodations, and Anne, who came casually down from Sweden so we could all go to Ryan O'Reilly's gig at Marie Antoinette's.
I wish we could all just grab our favourite people and put them all in one place preferably not Berlin so we can hang out together more often and enjoy cakes and wine and talks about the perils of our respective jobs and well, life.

Sonntag, 10. November 2013

Jools goes to Stockholm

I went to Stockholm to pay a short visit to a quality friend. Although effectively, I was there for a little less than 4 days, I like to think that I got a glimpse of what it would be like to live in this beautiful city. We saw a ghost, had vast amounts of sushi, went on a ghost tour with a British tour guide, went on a boat and to a stand-up comedy show (one should not make jokes about H&M in Stockholm, a H&M designer might sit in the audience); we had strange sweets, met wondeful people such as a Swedish Julia,we played Carcassonne, went to the German church to celebrate Martini and we had coffee with the coolest couple in Sweden and marvelled at their beautiful art work. My favourite place in Stockholm is possibly Gamla Stan, Stockholm's old town, where I spent a relaxing 2 hours reading my kindle and sipping a cup of delicious, cinnamon spiced coffee while I was waiting for Anne to finish work.

And here are more photos...

Freitag, 1. November 2013


Halloween is my favourite time of the year! However, this year it somehow arrived too quickly and I am ashamed to say I had no costume...And all that was time for was a cosy little Halloween gathering involving the obligatory pumpkin, some mulled wine and lovely people (mostly girls)